Product Specification

First and foremost value, safety

From design to the installation stage and service, we are considering the safety of passengers as our top priority.

Multi-beam door sensor
Ensure safety and relieve anxiety for users when getting on and off before door reaches human body
Auto tuning function
Maintain accurate level of stopping for each floor and maintain the best door opening / closing speed for safety and reliability
Door escape prevention system
For preventing falling-down accident due to door breakaway, we apply special structure at the upper and lower part of door to prevent door escape
Fire door
Fire door satisfying KS standard
Apply the highest quality safety brake system
Rope Grip Safety Applied Rope Gripper (CSA), CE Certified (Europe), EK Certified (Korea), TX Certified (China), BEEC Certified (Japan)

Quality management & technology based on customer satisfaction

With differentiated technology and quality Considering the safety as our top priority.

Reduce installation space
Maximizing the space efficiency, reducing the size and weight of the hoisting machine in case of elevator without machine room
Easy maintenance
Easy and simple maintenance by maintenance check through integrated control panel
Low noise and low vibration
Applying VVVF inverter control that achieves optimal control by continuously changing voltage and frequency at the same time, Achieved low noise and low vibration by using parts that have been subjected to strict quality inspection and precise construction, ensuring the best operation quality
Power saving inverter
Reduces energy by inducing proper motor output according to CAR load and applying inverter with power regeneration function
Presenting a variety of solutions that take into account the characteristics of the building, giving priority to a full understanding of the customer's needs.
Differentiated design
Designed space that respects personality with sophisticated ceiling design, bright lighting with high illumination, comfortable wall construction, and harmonious design of the operation panel.

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